Proud Dabawenya!

Proud Dabawenya!
Sa milabay nga katuigan, dungan kita mipalambo sa atong dakbayan... Diin atong gipasibaw ang tiunay nga serbisyo sa Dabawenyo. Kana tungod nagkanunayang kita NUMBER 1 sa inyong kasing-kasing (sa tulo ka termino) ug kamo usab kanako. Busa mapasalamatan kita og dako sa inyong pag salig. Ug karon, gikan sa konseho, ang muluop pangandoy sa Dabawenyo, dalhun nato ngadto sa KONGRESO... Hinaut, duyog gihapon kita sa pag abot sa panahon... MABEL SUNGA ACOSTA PO, AT YOUR SERVICE...

Proud Team Mabel

Proud Team Mabel
Happy Araw ng Dabaw!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


1. Turn off the Tap when your brushing your teeth.

2. Have a shorter shower. Each minute in the shower you save over two buckets of water.

3. If you must wash the car, wash it on the lawn.

4. Buy a strainer for the kitchen sink and dont put food down the sink.

5. Wash vegetables in a bowl of water.

6.Tell your friends about

7. Tell your parents that you are concerned about saving water.

8. Ask if you can get a rainwater tank at home.

9. Use the correct flush when flushing the toilet.

10. Recycle! By recycling one can you can save enough energy/water to power a tv for three hours.

11. Fix leaking taps.

12. Dont cut the grass too short or the sun can dry the soil.

13. Keep a jug of water in the fridge to keep it cool instead of having to run the tap.

14. Buy a water saving shower head.

15. Put mulch down on the garden. Not only does it save water it helps stop weeds growing.

16. When planning gardens, plant drought-efficent plants.

17. Water the garden late in the evenin g to let the plants soak it up.

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