Proud Dabawenya!

Proud Dabawenya!
Sa milabay nga katuigan, dungan kita mipalambo sa atong dakbayan... Diin atong gipasibaw ang tiunay nga serbisyo sa Dabawenyo. Kana tungod nagkanunayang kita NUMBER 1 sa inyong kasing-kasing (sa tulo ka termino) ug kamo usab kanako. Busa mapasalamatan kita og dako sa inyong pag salig. Ug karon, gikan sa konseho, ang muluop pangandoy sa Dabawenyo, dalhun nato ngadto sa KONGRESO... Hinaut, duyog gihapon kita sa pag abot sa panahon... MABEL SUNGA ACOSTA PO, AT YOUR SERVICE...

Proud Team Mabel

Proud Team Mabel
Happy Araw ng Dabaw!

Monday, October 12, 2009


With the recent disasters affecting the northern part of the country, concerned offices converged at “Mabel At Your Service” to inform the public regarding disaster prevention and discussed Davao City’s preparedness.

Dr. Tomas Miguel Ababon, Disaster Coordinator from the City Health Office said, that though the PAGASA views Davao City to be “typhoon-free”, we do have floods affecting our city due to congested drainage systems, and prone to be affected are people residing in low lying areas or near riverbanks. He also warned the public of the dangers brought about by water-borne diseases which can be acquired through contact with floodwater, like leptospirosis, diarrhea and skin infections.

Team Leader Dr. Jun Magno of the Davao Volunteer Fire Brigade informed that for this year, fire related cases have escalated in comparison to previous years.
He expressed concern on fire-prone areas especially in squatter neighborhoods where fires are most likely to occur. He stressed that faulty electrical wiring, overloading of outlets and low-quality electrical devices, especially ones which has no D.T.I. approved seal, are contributing factors which can make a home become fire prone. Dr. Magno also shared tips on proper procedures if a fire occurs.

Ms. Mick-mick Villegas, Development Management Officer I of Davao City Disaster Coordinating Council said that though barangays are encouraged to give importance on disaster preparation through trainings conducted by their office, there are still other barangays which are either lacking in preparedness trainings or has few available life-saving equipment prepared in case of emergency situations.

Ms. Betty Cabazares of the KINAIYAHAN Foundation expressed sentiments over haphazard trash disposal and deforestation of our highlands to give way to subdivisions, farms, etc., which contributes to soil erosion and flooding in lowland areas.
She added that ecological awareness campaign to prevent possible disasters is continuously being promoted by their office as well as a study on drought resistant trees to counter soil erosion and promote watershed protection.

United Architects of the Philippines Mt.Apo Chapter officers were also present with President Arch. Celine Ting. Arch. Pol Sandoval updated that the city is keeping abreast with modern structural safety designs, provided insights on energy efficient designs and shared tips on practicing energy saving in our homes. Past-President, Arch. Nestor Ting added with the positive effects of proper garbage segregation, recycling and the benefits of composting.

The guests stressed that although natural calamities are part of the cycle of life which needs mitigation, it is better to practice disaster prevention and preparation.

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